Pentaphylloides floribunda (Shrubby Cinquefoil)

"The genus "Potentilla" and species "Potentilla fruticosa" were named by Linnaeus in 1753.  Frederick Pursh renamed the plant Potentilla floribunda in 1814, Rafinesque named it Dasiphora riparia in 1840, Rydberg named it Dasiphora fruticosa in 1898, O. Schwartz named the plant Pentaphylloides fruticosa in 1949, A. Löve named it Pentaphylloides floribunda in 1954. Dasiphora fruticosa subspecies floribunda is now the widely accepted name. Colorado plant authority William A. Weber, believes the plant was most often classified as a Potentilla for nearly two centuries "purely as a matter of tradition". In his 4th edition of Colorado Flora, Weber calls the plant, "Pentaphylloides floribunda." Southwest Colorado Wildflowers.